Examination of Conscience

Examination Of Conscience
This is meant not as a complete list nor as a checklist, simply as a guide to help you in examining your conscience.ONE: You shall have no other gods beside Me. You shall not carve and worship idols.

  • Have I ever denied the Faith? Or followed teachings that disagree with Catholic Church teachings?
  • Do I strive to love God with my whole heart, mind, soul and strength?
  • Do I give Him the priority in my life that He deserves as my Creator and Lord or rather do I make compromises on my love for God for the sake of pride, pleasure or the avoidance of a necessary sacrifice?
  • Do I spend time in prayer daily?
  • Have I had any direct involvement with the occult, witchcraft, wicca, ouija boards, séances, tarot cards, new age crystals, fortune telling, or the like? Have I put faith in horoscopes?
  • Have I received Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin?
  • Have I abused the Sacrament of Reconciliation by deliberately lying to the priest or deliberately choosing not to confess a mortal sin?
  • Have I publicly denied a truth of the faith out of concern for the respect and opinion of others?
  • Have I doubted or denied my faith?
  • Have I read books against the Catholic Faith?
  • Have I neglected to do everything possible to nourish and protect my faith?
  • Have I ignored the danger of listening to teachings that contradict the Church, such as those that are propagated through television, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, occult games, politicians and other people?
  • Have I willingly doubted God, thus making my own wisdom to be my god?
  • Is money and material possessions my god? They are, if I value them more than the people in my life, or if I spend more time focused on them than on my family and friends.
  • Do I watch television shows that are contrary to God’s kingdom? If Jesus walked through my door, would I be able to invite Him to sit with me while I watch my programs?
  • Do I count on God’s mercy so much that I expect Him to overlook my sins because He understands? This kind of god is one I’ve created to give myself permission to sin. The true God is merciful, yes, but His love cannot save me from the evil of my sinfulness unless I choose to turn away from it. /li>
  • Am I unwilling to make sacrifices for God and for His Kingdom? This includes my money, time, possessions and talents.
  • Do I try to manipulate God by bargaining with Him? (If you heal my daughter, I’ll go to Mass every day.) If so, I’m trying to bribe Him. He doesn’t want my bribe; He wants my trust in His ability to handle the problem the way He knows is best.

TWO: You shall not use the Lords name in vain

  • We would never think of using the name of a friend in an irreverent way. Have we always treated the all-holy name of God with the greatest possible reverence and awe?
  • Have I deliberately cursed or shown contempt for or ridiculed God, Sacred Scripture, the Church, Mary, the saints, or sacred places or things?
  • Did I cause scandal by doing this in the presence of others?
  • Have I failed to keep the promises/oaths made in the presence of God and while invoking His Name?
  • Did I curse or swear? Do I use profane language?
  • Have I failed to speak highly of God? When someone else offended God, did I stand up for Him?
  • Have I broken promises that I made in God’s name? When I invoke God’s faithfulness, then reject it, I’m making God out to be a liar.
  • Have I used Gods name in vain: lightly or carelessly?
    Have I been angry with God?
    Have I wished evil upon another person?
    Have I insulted a sacred person or abused a sacred object?

 THREE: Keep holy the Sabbath Day

  • Have I deliberately missed Mass on a Sunday or Holy Day of obligation without a serious reason such as illness or lack of transportation?
  • Do I notice others missing Mass or working unnecessarily without lovingly reminding them to take time for God?
  • Have I deliberately come late or left early from Mass without a good reason?
  • Do I try to keep Sunday as a day of rest and relaxation by avoiding unnecessary work?
  • Have I deliberately allowed my children to miss Mass without a serious reason?
  • Did I omit my Easter Duty? Did I omit my yearly Confession duty?
  • Was I easily distracted at Mass?
  • Do I place extra burdens on other people on Sunday?
  • During Mass, do I fail to reverence God by neglecting to genuflect or kneel? By wearing lewd clothing? By arriving late or leaving early without a holy reason? By speaking disrespectfully of or to others? By allowing myself to be easily distracted? By any other means?
  • I sanctify Sunday when I devote the time to my family and friends, and by using it for reflection and to cultivate my mind and spirit. When have I cheated my family, my friends and myself of this?
  • Am I a workaholic, placing tasks above people, or a busy schedule above the need to relax? Am I unkind to myself by not balancing recreation with work?
  • Have I deliberately missed Mass on Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation?
  • Have I tried to observe Sunday as a family day and a day of rest?
  • Do I do needless work on Sunday?

FOUR: Honor you Mother and Father

  • Do I still have unconfessed sins from childhood that include dishonoring or disobeying my parents?
  • As an adult whose parents are still alive, I’m not bound to obey them in the strict sense, but do I show them disrespect? Do I work against them or ignore their good desires?
  • Have I neglected to express my gratitude to my parents for giving me life? How about for giving me love, or the training that has made me what I am?
  • Have I dishonored my parents (or anyone) by saying unloving things about or to them? By insulting them? By arguing without trying to understand them?
  • Have I failed to forgive them for everything that has hurt me?
  • Have I refused to be generous with them, holding back my time or money?
  • When did they experience difficulties and I neglected to provide moral support?
  • Have I failed to lead my children to frequent Confession?
  • Am I so attached to my parents (or anyone) that they come before God in my life?
  • How well do I honor and respect legitimate civil authorities? All authority to govern comes from God. Have I neglected to vote regularly? To pay my taxes honestly? To serve my country to the best of my ability?
  • Do I honor and obey my parents?
  • Have I neglected my duties to my spouse and children?
  • Have I given my family good religious example?
  • Do I try to bring peace into my home life?
  • Do I care for my aged and infirm relatives?

FIVE: Thou Shalt not Kill

  • Have I had an abortion or helped someone else get one? When I knew someone was planning to get an abortion, was I too afraid or too unconcerned to do everything possible to protect the unborn child?
  • Have I used artificial birth control? Have I been sterilized (or approved of my spouse’s sterilization) to avoid having children?
  • Have I been involved in the termination of a sick person’s life, such as by agreeing to stop food and water?
  • When someone indicated that he or she approves of abortion or euthanasia, have I said nothing (which implies I agree) instead of speaking up for God’s view?
  • Have I killed my own spirit with self-loathing?
  • When have I killed someone’s self-esteem or dreams or spirit through hurting him or her?
  • When have I tried to correct someone without showing compassion?
  • When have I fought with someone? When I insist on winning an argument, it means I want the other person to lose.
  • When have I killed a child’s spirit or ability to trust me by punishing him or her too severely or by not showing forgiveness?
  • Do I smoke, take harmful drugs, drink too much alcohol, eat too much of the wrong foods, drive recklessly, or do anything that unnecessarily risks my life or shortens it?
  • Have I ever encouraged someone else to do these things?
  • Have I allowed the death of people by not getting involved when I could have provided financial or other help during times of murderous famines or war?
  • Have I had an abortion or encouraged anyone to have an abortion?
  • Have I physically harmed anyone?have I abused alcohol or drugs?
  • Did I give scandal to anyone, thereby leading them into sin?
  • Have I been angry or resentful?Have I harbored hatred in my heart?
  • Have I mutilated myself through any form of sterilization?
  • Have I encouraged or condoned sterilization?

SIX Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery 

  • When have I cheated on God by loving myself or someone else more than I love Him?
  • When have I cheated on God by putting my own desires ahead of His?
  • Have I been lazy in my prayer time or Scripture study or other activities that would increase my spiritual growth?
  • God created men and women to be equal in personal dignity. Have I degraded members of the opposite sex? Or of my own gender?
  • When did I cheat on my spouse by behaving as if I’m more valuable or more worthy of attention than he or she is?
  • Have I chosen to keep any part of myself from my spouse, such as my sexuality, my fertility or my permanent commitment?
  • Is my marriage only civil, and not sacramental? If so, I have rejected Christ from being part of the union, and therefore it is not a valid marriage in His or the Church’s eyes.
  • Has my relationship with my spouse (or have any of my romantic relationships) failed to reflect to the world God’s love? Has our marriage publicly set a poor example of commitment and unconditional union?
  • Have I divorced and remarried civilly without obtaining an annulment? If so, I’m not validly married to the new spouse; in the eyes of God, Im still married to my first spouse.
  • Have I committed fornication or adultery (sex outside of marriage)? This includes having sexual relations with my spouse before our wedding day, and remarriage without first getting an annulment from the Church.
  • Have I masturbated, which is having sex with myself instead of my spouse?
  • Lust is a disordered desire for—or an inordinate enjoyment of—sexual pleasure for its own sake, isolated from the desire to give love to my spouse for procreative and unitive purposes. Have I had lustful thoughts? Sinful touches? Impure glances?
  • Have I told any dirty jokes?
  • When did I allow my passions to control me, instead of using self-control for love of others under the guidance of God? This concerns sexual conduct, but it also relates to anger, spending money, being ruled by fear or impatience, etc.
  • Have I worn immodest clothing in public? Some people who saw me may have been sex addicts, and seeing me could have triggered their compulsion to go and act sinfully.
  • Have I read pornographic books or magazines? Or watched movies or TV shows that contained sexual scenes or impure plots?
  • Did I ever commit incest? Or have I abused anyone (including my spouse) by forcing intimate physical contact upon them?
  • Have I been faithful to my marriage vows in thought and action?
  • Do I seek to be chaste in my thoughts, words and actions?
  • Am I careful to dress modestly?

SEVEN: Thou Shall not Steal 

  • Have I stolen any material goods? Did I realize my sin but fail to make restitution?
  • When have I stolen time away from God by my spiritual laziness?
  • When did I waste time at work, in school or at home?
  • Am I stingy? For example, have I stolen cookies from my kids, perhaps hiding my favorite stash because I don’t want to share them?
  • Have I been stingy in my support of the Church and other worthy causes?
  • Do I think that everything I own is only for my benefit, and do I assume that God did not give it to me for the good of others?
  • What have I wasted money on while the Church, my neighbor or the destitute suffered from unmet needs?
  • Have I stolen pens from work or tax money from the IRS?
  • Have I made personal toll calls from work without paying for them?
  • Have I borrowed something that I never returned? Or did I return it in damaged condition without offering to fix or replace it?
  • Am I an employer who pays unjust wages? Am I a business person who forces up prices to take advantage of the buyer?
  • Have I cheated on or broken a morally just contract or agreement? This includes paying my debts on time and fulfilling obligations.
  • Have I participated in the theft of someone’s property, or knowingly benefited from it, and have not yet made restitution in proportion to my responsibility and share of what was stolen?
  • Did I ever gamble excessively, through a lottery or other game, using money that should have been spent on needed items or given away as a charitable donation?
  • Have I stolen what is not mine?
  • Have I returned or made restitution for what I have stolen?
  • Do I waste time at work, school or at home?
  • Do I gamble excessively, thereby denying my family of their needs?
  • Do I pay my debts promptly?
  • Do I seek to share what I have with the poor?

EIGHT: Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor 

  • Have I made judgments about anyone? I might think I’m right, but only God knows enough about that person to make such a judgment.
  • When have I heard about a moral fault of another person and immediately assumed it was true?
  • When have I judged my spouse, children, neighbors, co-workers, friends, priests, TV stars, politicians, etc.?
  • Do I hesitate to give others the benefit of the doubt?
  • Have I disclosed another’s faults and failings without valid and beneficial reasons?
  • Have I exaggerated information about someone in order to make myself or the case I’m presenting look better?
  • When have I lied or deceived? How have I been insincere?
  • How have I bragged? If I boast to make myself look better than others, I’m lying. If I fail to give credit to God, I’m lying.
  • When did I mock someone’s behavior? This is unloving.
  • Did I gossip or say something that made another person look bad?
  • Have I pointed out a co-worker’s faults in the hope that I’ll get his job?
  • Have I deliberately led someone into error or sin by saying things contrary to truth?
  • Did I reveal secrets that should have been kept confidential?
  • Do I sound critical, negative or uncharitable when I talk?
  • When have I been untrue in my deeds? When have I been hypocritical or undependable?
  • Have I ever been ashamed to bear witness to the truth of Jesus Christ or the teachings of the Church? Have I compromised the truth or implied by my behavior that I agreed with things that are contrary to God’s laws?
  • If I’ve been involved in a court case, did I give false witness to contribute to the condemnation of the innocent, exoneration of the guilty, or the increased punishment of the accused?
  • When I’ve realized the sin of my words, have I failed to make reparation or to seek forgiveness from the people I’ve affected?
  • Have I violated someone’s right to privacy by insisting on learning something I had no right to know? Or by spreading this information to others?
  • Have I lied?
  • Have I gossiped?
  • Have I spoken behind someone elses back?
  • Am I sincere in my dealings with others?
  • Am I critical, negative or uncharitable in my thoughts of others?
  • Do I keep secret what should be kept confidential?

NINE: Thou Shall not covet your neighbors wife

  • Do I jealously wish I had relationships as good as someone else’s?
  • Have I had sexual thoughts about someone other than my spouse, without immediately dismissing them or praying to banish them?
  • Did I ever become obsessed with someone’s physical shape, dwelling on it in my thoughts or pointing it out to others?
  • Do I let my imagination go uncontrolled? Do I fantasize impurely?
  • Have I treated someone as an object, rather than with dignity and respect?
  • Have I enjoyed pornography for the sake of lustful pleasure?
  • Have I been lax about purifying my heart? Has attuning my intellect and will to God’s holiness and way of loving been unimportant to me?
  • Has modesty been unimportant to me? Modesty means refusing to unveil whatever should remain hidden, out of respect for yourself and others.
  • Have I been attracted to voyeuristic peeking at people in their homes, bedrooms or bathrooms?
  • When someone I know has violated the privacy or sexuality of others, have I ignored it as if it didnt really matter?
  • Have I encouraged or condoned sexual permissiveness by promoting safe sex instead of abstinence?
  • Have I consented to impure thoughts?
  • Have I caused them by impure reading, movies, conversations or curiosity?
  • Do I seek to control my imagination?
  • Do I pray at once to banish impure thoughts and temptations?

TEN: Thou shall not covet your neighbors property  

  • Is my heart greedy? Do I want more, more, more, instead of a spirit of poverty where I’m content with what I have?
  • Is my heart set more on earthly possessions than on the true treasures of heaven?
  • Am I envious, moody or gloomy about what I don’t have?
  • Do I wish I had a bigger house, a better-paying job or a nicer anything, like those that belong to others? Because of these desires, I’ve failed to set an example of how to be content with what God has given me.
  • Have I tried to obtain what others own through unjust means, such as stealing or using money that was needed for something else?
  • Do I wish God had made me to be like Father Diorio or Mother Angelica or anyone else whos famous? Do I consider myself to be too much of a nobody to do what God has called me to do?
  • Do I so strongly wish that I lived in a cheaper or warmer or more luxurious part of the country or world, I’m forgetting to appreciate where God has put me now?
  • Have I ever wished that someone would die so I could receive his or her inheritance? Or that someone would lose his or her job so I could move into it? Or that someone’s calamity would make what he or she owns available to me?
  • When have I refused to do good to someone who asked for it, because I thought he or she had enough help? Or when did I refuse to give money to someone, thinking he or she already had enough? Or when have I turned my back on someone because I was jealous of that person?
  • How often have I sought consolation in the abundance of material goods? How much have I rejected God and trusted in possessions more? The reason I don’t have more possessions is because God doesn’t want me to have them right now, and that’s because He’s protecting me from getting into more sin. Do I dislike believing that?
  • Do I hate myself for my sinfulness? Am I unwilling to forgive myself? Am I jealous of those who seem holier than me? In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, I will be set free. God will forget my sins.
  • Am I jealous of what other people have?
  • Do I envy the families or possessions of others?
  • Am I greedy or selfish?
  • Are material possessions the purpose of my life?
  • Do I trust that God will care for all of my material and spiritual needs?

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