Prayer Requests

I pray that more Alter Servers will come and serve Our Lord at Mass- Aynonomous

I pray for the return of both my brothers to the right path and for peace in my family and to find a suitable job – Aynonomous

Please pray for my son’s speedy recovery. He is in ICU.- Aynonomous

Praying to St. Jude to help me through this difficult time. Please hear my prayers intercede with God to intercede on my request on my behalf. Continuously praying. -Shantel

Please pray for my dear friend who has been diagnosed with cancer.- Friends

Please pray that my student loan will be approved. I pray to St Jude Thaddeus, that he so much loved Christ. Please pray for me to be approved and continue my studies, and also for help and happiness in my family. Amen. – Nicholas

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ – Please pray for the Lord to bless me with the money I need to get caught up to date with my debt and my mother’s mortgage payments. Please pray that the Lord forgive me for my selfishness, greed, and impatience. I am sorry and promise to never again jeopardize my family’s financial stability. Please pray that the Lord quickly bless me with the miracles I seek to feel relief from this great burden. Thank you. I have faith that God will help me. – JB